Montreal (Canada)

Pharmacist entrepreneur, innovation specialist & facilitator

Co-founder of PaRx Quebec program (Prescri-Nature).

Emmett Phil Coriat has been a successful entrepreneur in healthcare innovation for more than 25 years, as a venture capitalist, a CEO/founder of biotech startups and most recently as a partner at AEC Partners, a leading strategic advisory boutique firm, where he leads the Healthcare Technological Innovation practice;

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Brussels (Belgium)

EMCC accredited-coach & generative collective intelligence facilitator

Empathetic – Committed – Creative – Reliable – Action oriented

I started my career at 20 years old, I wanted to be my own boss and I decided to launch myself without waiting. I initiated several professional projects with mixed success. At the age of 30, I questioned myself, I went back to school and after 3 years, I seized an opportunity to reorient my career 180° and that’s how I landed in the world of human resources coaching.

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Montreal (Canada)

Coach, Content Curator, and Leader in Editorial Transformation

Originally from Vancouver, BC, Emma McKay’s first two jobs were as a circus arts coach and a kayaking instructor. Having attended school in French in Vancouver, she moved to Montreal, QC, to study English Literature at McGill University. Upon graduation, she started a career in book publishing, eventually launching her own publishing company, MudScout.

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Barcelona (Spain)

Gestalt therapist, landscape architect & facilitator

Isabel is the founder of Biotopnatura, an NGO that supports “The Rights of Trees” as living sentient beings.
Since her most tender age, she was immersed in Nature. It all started with her parents’ project of rebuilding an 18th century house in the Pre Pyrenees. There, she wrote, read, while listening and respecting Nature. This was her greatest school.

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Göteborg (Sweden)

Ph.D. in microbiology and cellular biology & facilitator

Laurence worked for many years as a researcher in the public and private sector. She has lived in Sweden since 2002, where she spends a lot of time in the forest to resource herself, as she was already doing in her native Limousin in France. In 2017, she discovered Shinrin Yoku and ANFT (Association of Nature & Forest therapy).

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