Coach, Content Curator, and Leader in Editorial Transformation

Originally from Vancouver, BC, Emma McKay’s first two jobs were as a circus arts coach and a kayaking instructor. Having attended school in French in Vancouver, she moved to Montreal, QC, to study English Literature at McGill University. Upon graduation, she started a career in book publishing, eventually launching her own publishing company, MudScout.

She has since worked as an editorial leader in major lifestyle and news media, overseeing digital transformation both within local newsrooms and nationally. She has written several books, and has won awards for her poetry. Over the years, she has developed and produced dozens of projects ranging from graphic novels to award-winning podcasts and videos.

Emma obtained a PPCC coaching certification from Concordia University in 2018 and trained with the ANFT to become a certified nature and forest therapy guide in February 2021. She is currently the Quebec Regional Director at Nature and Forest Therapy Canada / Sylvothérapie et interventions par la Nature Canada (SINC). As a coach and forest therapy guide (Sylvo Forest Bathing), Emma helps others revise and enrich their own stories, sometimes on the page and sometimes in the depths of nature.