What it is & Who it's for

Performance programs are Natural Leadership’s second level, after Wellbeing.

They are geared for business leaders who realize that Nature is an essential ally to equip themselves and their teams to thrive in the VUCA world of the 21st century.

The focus is to enhance our executive performance and leadership skills on five foundational  levels:

  • Intuition
  • Decision-making
  • Problem-solving
  • Creativity
  • Resilience

    Team multisensorial Nature immersion


    Some of the benefits of our Performance programs include:

    • Intuition and insights emergence
    • Creativity, problem-solving, decision-making enhancement
    • Ability to enter and operate from alpha brain wave state
    • Improved intercommunication between left and right brain hemispheres
    • Improved access to subconscious and somatic information
    • Faster information processing (500,000 times vs beta wave state)
    • Emergence of flow states (characterized by high level of attention with low sense of effort and high enjoyment)
    • Self-awareness, introspection and complex information processing Improvement of systemic thinking and long-term thinking

    How it works

    The guide selects invitations that awaken and immerse “forgotten” senses (e.g.intuition, mirror neurons, imagination, embodied learning), in addition to our five basic senses, .

    In order to achieve performance and leadership objectives, regular practice is recommended.

    The immersion walks are longer (>3 hours) than in Wellbeing programs and teach participants to operate from alpha wave brain mode. From there, specific embodied learning exercises enable us to shift our perspectives on challenges and questions we are currently facing.

    Each participant is asked to prepare questions she/he wants to address so that the guide can customize their immersion experience and takeaways.

    The same approach can be also adopted with a question/topic common to the group, creating a powerful collective intelligence framework for corporate strategy or for purpose to emerge.

    In Natural Leadership’s Performance programs, nature is not an object, it is a teacher and co-facilitator.

    Types of programs

    • Natural Leadership Foundation: focus on five skills (intuition, decision-making, problem-solving, creativity and resilience).
    • Natural Leadership Mastery: other skills modules can be added “à la carte”.
    Additional skills modules for Mastery program

    Workshops & Retreats

    Natural Leadership designs and facilitates workshops and retreats based on your company’s needs.

    Workshops can be given on site or remotely,  retreats in our two main locations:

    • Stanstead, Canada (border between Quebec and Vermont, USA)
    • Sant Corneli, Spain (in the Pyrenees Mountains, border between Spain and France)

    Please contact us for details.

    During COVID pandemia, this Program can be experienced remotely.