Natural Leadership offers interventions based on an emerging health discipline, forest therapy, where guided sensory immersions in nature maximize health on individual (emotional, physiological, cognitive), organizational and societal levels. Over 1,000 scientific publications support its benefits.

These guided nature walks also serve as a powerful facilitation and team-building framework to take companies to the next level.

Our frameworks are the “mirror forest” and nature’s collective intelligence.

Discover the most beautiful natural sites or simply a nearby urban park through a multi-sensory immersion that is beneficial and powerful for team dynamics.

By awakening senses “forgotten” in our daily lives, we access the power of alpha brainwaves and open the door to an increased potential for executive performance and leadership.

Natural Leadership offers a practice that is accessible to all because it requires neither a minimal level of physical fitness nor intense concentration like meditation. It is fun, and the benefits come effortlessly, naturally.

Moreover, it can be practiced in any natural environment, including urban parks, with the same benefits.

Guided multisensorial Nature immersion

In summary, the elements of the Natural Leadership’s interventions are:


  • Guide gathers group in an urban park, forest or any type of natural environment
  • Slowing down (to feel more)
  • No cognitive stimulation (to be in our senses)
  • No minimum fitness level required (not about exercice nor concentration)

The role of the practitioner-facilitator is crucial

  • Ensures group safety and masters techniques to maximize participant benefits 
  • Proposes invitations, simple games to immerse senses in nature while creating deep play and engagement in the group.
  • Facilitates authentic sharing for community building so participants reconnect not only to nature but also to others (Way of the council).
  • Integrates collective intelligence and team-building dynamics based on nature model.

Share together an experience while "mirroring" the forest, identify the benefits, understand what was transformative, learn the mechanisms and adapt them to the usual work context.

The practitioner-facilitator can tap from a repertoire of hundreds of invitations , depending on nature conditions, group, objectives, and other factors. Some invitations are solo, some are in pairs or trios.

It is by relying on its (bio)diversity that a team can function as an efficient, harmonious ecosystem, develop its capacity to adapt and face challenges. The interdependence of its members, as in a forest, can become a richness if it is carried by mutual trust and leaves a space for shared, equitable and free communication.

The Natural Leadership practice integrates items from “indigenous” traditions around the world, such as animal tracking, friluftsliv, and plant foraging, in addition to forest therapy.