What it is & Who it's for

Wellbeing programs are geared for business leaders who are aware of the current stress and burnout health epidemic and want to protect their teams from its ravages.

The Natural Leadership practice provides a powerful facilitation and team-building framework that can be customized to address specific challenges.

These programs also exist in versions for the public at large.

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    Our focus is to restore health and prevent burnout.

    Because they are proven to be an antidote to both types of stress, guided multi-sensory nature immersions are uniquely effective in preventing burnout:

    • Physiological stress (stress recovery through parasympathetic system)
    • Behavioral stress (executional attention restoration through “soft fascination”

    Proven wellbeing benefits cover four levels (see below):


    • Emotional regulation improvement
    • Rumination, stress, anxiety and depression reduction
    • Pleasure, enjoyment and positive attitude reinforcement
    • Happiness and subjective wellbeing, and imaginal activity increase


    • Physiological stress management via parasympathetic system
    • Restored brain, body and immune (NK cells) functions.
    • Heart health improvement (heart rate, blood pressure, myocardial infarction)
    • Improved respiratory health
    • Reduced risk of developing obesity and type 2 diabetes
    • Reduced inflammation/ pain
    • Faster healing


    • Behavioral stress management via “soft fascination” effect
    • Executional (directed) attention restoration
    • Listening, focus, mood and memory improvement
    • Improved motivation and growth mindset

    Social / Collective

    • I-decentredness, sense of belonging, desire to contribute
    • Self confidence improvement
    • Sense of equality, respect and group trust
    • Development of empathy and deep listening skills

    In addition, our Wellbeing programs help address some key HR challenges:

      • Burnout prevention (& absenteeism)
      • Team performance & productivity
      • Team empowerment
      • Differentiated Employer branding
      • Employee engagement
      • Turning into ambassadors
      • Improved recruitment speed & performance
      • Employee retention (millennials in particular)

    Our Wellbeing programs deliver all four levels of benefits through forest bathing walks, an experience accessible to all employee profiles, regardless of age or fitness level.

    Some programs are customized to specific employee profiles by delivering experiences that go deeper into 1-2 levels of the wellbeing benefits. (e.g. burnout recovery, cardiovascular, metabolic & immune nurturing).

    We craft a Wellbeing program for your objectives, team profiles, available time and budget.

    In addition, we offer a free trial walk for you to taste what it’s all about, as well as Assessment tools to help decide on best program for your employees.

    "Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better"

    ~ Albert Einstein

    How it works

    The guide focuses invitations to immerse our 5 basic senses in nature.

    As each one of our senses reciprocates with specific “active ingredients” in nature, we directly reap health benefits (e.g. phytoncides and smell stimulates our immune system).

    In addition to these direct benefits, our brain switches to alpha waves, which causes a deep restorative state that beneficially affects our mental, physiological and social wellbeing.

    In alpha wave, some participants additionally experience unlocking of an additional sense, intuition (see Performance programs).

    Our programs be held in any type of natural environment (e.g. urban parks, forests).

    Types of programs

    • Introductory immersion walk (basic or “themed” team-building)
    • Foundational connection program (series of immersion walks where participants ultimately learn self-guided immersion techniques)
    • Special needs programs (for profiles that need specific attention: burnout recovery, cardiometabolic, life transition, etc…)

    Workshops & Retreats

    Natural Leadership designs and facilitates workshops and retreats based on your company’s needs.

    Workshops can be given on site or remotely,  retreats in our two main locations:

    • Stanstead, Canada (border between Quebec and Vermont, USA)
    • Sant Corneli, Spain (in the Pyrenees Mountains, border between Spain and France)

    Please contact us for details.

    During COVID pandemia, this Program can be experienced remotely.