Gestalt therapist, landscape architect & facilitator

Isabel is the founder of Biotopnatura, an NGO that supports “The Rights of Trees” as living sentient beings.
Since her most tender age, she was immersed in Nature. It all started with her parents’ project of rebuilding an 18th century house in the Pre Pyrenees. There, she wrote, read, while listening and respecting Nature. This was her greatest school.
Throughout her life, the common thread has been to get close and learn from Nature from various angles: trekking, mountaineering, observing her surroundings, the plants, the animals. Little by little, she became a master at reading the forest, tracking animals while studying biology and animal behaviour.
On plant life, she focused on their way of communicating and feeling their surroundings, as well as their benefits from a therapeutic angle in the Forest Bathing.
She graduated with a Diploma in Tourism, and then studied Urban Landscaping Techniques, and obtained a Postgraduate degree in Green Space Management.
Her passion for animals brought her to certify as a Veterinary Nurse and Management of Wild Animal Rescue Centers.
She also received a Training from Mona Foundation on the Etiology of of primates.
She was also trained at Signatus on the biology and behaviour of wolves and leads a program of special education with Iberian wolves.
In 2016, she was certified as a Forest Bathing guide by the Association of Nature & Forest Therapy (ANFT) (California).
In 2018, she was certified by Selvans as a Forest Therapy guide.
Finally, she holds a Postgraduate degree in Spiritual Meanings & Values from Nature from the University of Girona.
She is currently training to become a Gestalt Therapist.