Natural and Leadership Inc. was founded in 2021 based on the personal story of Emmett Phil Coriat, pharmacist, venture capitalist and successful entrepreneur with more than 25 years’ experience in healthcare innovation.

After rebounding from a burnout thanks to nature, he became a certified forest therapy guide.
Since then, along with a multidisciplinary professionals collective in Canada and Europe,  he has dedicated his life to the creation of a nature connection practice that:

  • works through multisensory immersion, is playful and effortless.
  • serves as a powerful facilitation and team-building framework to take businesses to the next level.
  • provides an antidote to our world’s stress, anxiety and burnout epidemic.
  • combines all the scientifically demonstrated benefits of nature on health.
  • enables accessibility to all, including in an urban setting.
  • improves interconnection between our right and left brain hemispheres.
  • shows us what a powerful partner nature is to each our full potential as leaders.

The Natural Leadership practice offers business leaders nature immersion programs that restore wellbeing and enhance performance for their teams.

This guided practice is a powerful facilitation and team-building framework and is tailored to specific objectives or themes.

Our frameworks are nature’s collective intelligence and the “mirror forest.

Programs draw on more than 1,000 scientific publications about the benefits of multisensory immersions in nature.

WSJ on Forest Bathing

Natural Leadership’s programs combine scientifically-proven benefits on two levels:

  • Restoring wellbeing (emotional, physiological, cognitive and social)
  • Unlocking team dynamics and unleashing energy (e.g. creativity, resilience)
  • Enhancing executive and leadership performance (decision-making and problem solving capabilities, creativity, intuition and resilience).

We can deliver our programs in three ways:

  1. Online (experiential conferences and workshops)
  2. Remotely-guided nature immersions
  3. In-person guided nature immersions

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