Natural Leadership is also an exclusive Circle where successful CEOs, entrepreneurs and investors meet to support one another in a nature-rooted Process designed to get equipped for the challenges and opportunities of our 21st century VUCA* world (see Glossary).

Each Natural Leadership Circle meets once a month (about half-day) in a Nature setting easily accessible from the city. Circle meetings are held about 8-10 times in a year and follow the Natural Leadership Process. Once a year, a Nature Immersion Retreat is organized for Natural Leadership Circle members globally.

There is a Circle in various cities and regions around the world, starting with Canada and Europe. Each Circle is limited to 9-12 members.

The Natural Leadership Circle proposes to its members an Experiential, Participatory, and Supportive framework:

  • Experiential: Circle meetings are rooted in Multisensorial Nature immersions which aim to reconnect us to our Senses and Intuition. The Experiential rather than Intellectual framework allows our brains to anchor us in alpha wave mode, preparing us for the Embodied Learning part of the Natural Leadership Process. This Experiential Framework is a combination of millenary and contemporary nature-rooted practices.
  • Participatory:  for each Circle meeting, members are invited to bring one or more of the issues they are facing as a Leader to be guided to revisit them in our Experiential framework.
  • Supportive: each Circle member commits to support other Circle members in their own Natural Leadership Process. Support may for example take the form of a member sharing about challenges or best practices encountered either in the Natural Leadership Process, or in business or personal life.

In the Natural Leadership Circle, key leadership questions are explored from an Embodied Learning point of view, such as:

  • How can I become a Business Leader that is rooted in Nature’s laws and ethics ? (integrating diverse perspectives towards synergistic solutions, regenerating and evolving systems rather than dismantling and extracting from them, consistently tapping into the latent creative Intuition in myself and my teams , etc…)
  • How can I shift into Nature-inspired communication modes that will create deeper connection with my work, teams, and even my family ?
  • What can I learn from Nature as new ways to strategize and lead in the VUCA world?
  • How can Nature point to novel business models for the VUCA world ?
  • How can I learn to “dialogue” with Nature as an advisor whenever I need Her?
  • How can I share with my teams and my family this legacy of Natural Leadership ?

Ultimately, current business culture is repaired paving the way for business success in the VUCA world of the 21st Century.

Within each and across all Natural Leadership Circles, the Natural Leadership team will facilitate sharing and integration of Regenerative business best practices.

Natural Leadership Circle membership also gives access to:

  • support / advice services within a member’s company for additional fees (project basis). These services will be provided by Natural Leadership and partner organizations that support business leaders in their process to become Natural Leaders.
  • an app that will connect and support the international Natural Leadership Circle community.