Stressed, busy mind or any other reason for not being connected to yourself ? Go for a Forest Bath with Emmett ! he will guide you through the forest through all your senses to a peaceful and relaxed mind!

Participant (Netherlands)Participant (Netherlands)

A beautiful experience to get in touch more deeply with Nature and feel its Beauty

Participant (France)Participant (France)

I would say that if you are looking for a deep experience in Nature with no equipment needed, try Forest Bathing. You will never look at a forest the same way, ever again after!

Office Manager of consulting firm (France)Office Manager of consulting firm (France)

It was a great experience that I definitely want to do again!

MD from Geneva (Switzerland)MD from Geneva (Switzerland)

This must be experienced as a unique way to connect to trees and life

CEO of paper industry (Brazil)CEO of paper industry (Brazil)

The highlight of this walk for me was at the slowest pace of the morning walk where I really noticed how much Nature is alive!

CEO of paper industry (Brazil)CEO of paper industry (Brazil)

The highlight of this walk for me was the second stop where we experienced closing eyes, feeling different directions, breathing the forest

CEO of biopharma company (Singapore)CEO of biopharma company (Singapore)

The highlight of this walk for me was listening to the perspectives of others – and even seeing the perspective of other (camera exercise) made the exercise so much richer and deeper

Logistics Entrepreneur (Canada)Logistics Entrepreneur (Canada)

In our crazy, noisy, fast-paced and hyper-stimulated world, we lose sight of the magnificence, inspiration, and true peace possible from just taking time to truly appreciate the nature around us. Emmett Phil was an exemplary guide – supportive, encouraging, warm, patient, and respectful. A memorable two hours that were eye-opening, inspirational and truly transformative

Logistics Entrepreneur (Canada)Logistics Entrepreneur (Canada)

Just slowing down and observing was totally new. A fantastic learning experience – how much more you can get out of things if you just slow down, open up our eyes and senses, and take the time!

Logistics Entrepreneur (Canada)Logistics Entrepreneur (Canada)