As humans, we live in an age where urbanization and progress have uprooted us from our true home, Nature, otherwise called the More than Human World.

As highly driven business leaders in this fast-paced society, we don’t find the time to take care of ourselves, our teams or our family.

"Clients do not come first. Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients."

~ Richard Branson

As a result, we are experiencing dis-connection on multiple levels.

By dis-connecting ourselves from Nature, we have gradually dis-connected from other people, from our purpose and ultimately from ourselves. Our societal systems and participation in them is creating more separation and isolation each day.

This dis-connection also explains the #1 health epidemic of the 21st century in the developed world: mental health and neurocognitive disability (including stress and burnout) which is already the #1 cause of loss of productivity in the global corporate world.

It has become increasingly clear: this dis-connection leads to dis-ease and such dis-function in the very workplaces we keep aiming to optimize.

By 2050, 70% of humanity will be living in urban areas, thereby accelerating the feeling of dis-connection and dis-ease that Humans are suffering from.

As urbanization accelerates, and technology leapfrogs, this dis-connection will only get worse.

…And, simultaneously, we are running from the most powerful ally a Business Leader could hope for, Nature.

This same dis-connection from Nature has led to the coronavirus pandemia.

Habitat loss and overexploitation of wildlife – compounded by climate change  – are driving factors in this nascent string of pandemias. In the 21st century, we have entered in a new era of Vulnerability, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity, the VUCA world.

Yet, many leaders today still see each of these as separate issues and ignore the interconnectedness between them.

However, any company designed for success in the 20th century is doomed to failure in the 21st century.

So how can we navigate successfully the VUCA world as Business Leaders ?

By cultivating Resilience, Purpose, Agility and Innovation at the core.

And this is the time to rediscover our Powerful Alliance with Nature, the most powerful teacher and ally a Business Leader could hope for in the VUCA world.

The Natural Leadership Circle is the Experiential, Participative and Supportive framework to foster the Natural Leadership Process.

The Natural Leadership Process has been designed exactly to forge this Alliance in face of the challenges and opportunities of Business Leaders in the VUCA world..

Recent scientific research shows that in alpha wave in Nature, our brain processes information at 20 million bits/ second, while in standard analytical problem-solving mode (beta wave), we process at 40 bits/second.

The VUCA* world requires us to reconnect to Nature to anchor in alpha wave mode, and unlock our Intuition.

One of the key senses that the Natural Leader develops and brings to his/her community is Intuition, which pervades many business topics such as decision-making, innovation, communication, and strategic thinking. Scientific publications have demonstrated the positive impact of Nature on each of these topics.

Natural Leadership addresses the problem of dis-connection that lies at the root of the VUCA* world, and draws on the wisdom of Nature to provide the tools to lead healthily and successfully in the 21st century.

Whether it is signs of burnout, stalled team dynamics, poor retention, stifled innovation, an organizational transition challenge, or even lack of recognition within our own family, the Natural Leadership Circle is here to let a different leadership mindset emerge for you.

"Nature does not hurry, yet everything gets accomplished"

~ Lao Tseu