Natural Leadership addresses the problem of dis-connection that lies at the root of the VUCA world we have entered, and draws on the wisdom of Nature to provide the tools to live and lead healthily and successfully in the 21st century.


Natural Leadership is an evidence-based transformative practice based on a structured series of guided Multisensorial Nature immersions that re-establish the Powerful Alliance between Humans and Nature to live and lead healthily and successfully in the VUCA world of the 21st century.


This transformative practice also called the Natural Leadership Process reconnects us Humans to Nature through our senses, unlocking access to improved health, relationships and our Intuition which we need so dearly in the 21st century world we have entered.


Recent findings have shown that our five senses are hardwired in our DNA for connection with Nature. It has been demonstrated that this sensory connection puts our brain waves into alpha mode. In alpha wave, we restore our mental and physiological health, unlock our intuition, and access expanded capabilities for problem-solving, decision-making, creativity and learning.


When we hear about the need for Resilience in our VUCA world, the Natural Leadership Process is the perfect prescription. And since connection with Nature is our birthright, we already have this state of being within ourselves. We just need to reveal it !


With a wide variety of conditions and exercises designed to facilitate reconnection of our senses with Nature, The Natural Leadership Process can consistently and effortlessly bring our brain into this amazing alpha wave mode. This is done through our guided Multisensorial Nature Immersions, which combine Forest Bathing (also called Shinrin Yoku) with a range of millenary and contemporary nature-rooted practices, within an evidence-based framework backed by scientific findings.


The Natural Leadership Process gives you access to three levels of proven benefits:

  • Restored physiological, psychological and cognitive health
  • Harmonious social and organizational relationships
  • Expanded problem-solving, decision-making, creativity and learning capabilities (via unlocked intuition)


Depending on whether you are forging your alliance with Nature for a corporate or personal focus,  Natural Leadership proposes various Programs ranging from single day Group Immersions (Forest Bathing – for anyone from 3 years and up), to Leadership Walks (in a corporate / organizational context), to Circle membership (one-year commitment for CEOs, entrepreneurs and investors), to customized one on one mentoring and corporate consulting.